A new kitchen…my second favorite

I mentioned in my last post that I had 2 favorites in our new kitchen.

Here is #2.


So, since we gutted our kitchen and started from fresh, we also started with brand new, unfinished cabinets – I’ll tell you why later 🙂

Here’s an idea of what we were working with (sorry, bad cell phone pictures).2016-02-20 09.47.04 (2)

2016-02-20 09.48.22 (3)

Using the builder grade cabinets also means a lot of extra “finishing” work.  We have 2 “bar” like areas that extend from the lower cabinets.  Leaving a lot of backsides that need to be covered (there are a lot of backsides needing coverage out there as it is!!).  Standard cabinet installation would have a thin piece of plywood covering those end-caps and backsides and painted/stained to match the cabinets.

“Standard” and “plywood” are NOT words that I would use to describe me.. haha! So, I started searching for an idea or inspiration for something more “me” and a lot less standard. Pinterest of course.  Let me just make a side note – I could sit on Pinterest ALL day long and not get bored.. this is a horrible addiction, and I have to limit my Pinterest activity, I really hope I’m not the only one!!! – Ok, moving forward.  I came across a lot of people using beadboard, which I think looks great, and is a nice upgrade from standard.  I was almost set on going with it, and I stumbled across this beautiful picture!

kitchen inspiration

Which was linked to http://www.shineyourlightblog.com. I couldn’t find the exact origination on her blog, but I wanted to make sure to give credit where credit is due!

I sure loved this look.  Not only did I love the look of the old wood, but the entire kitchen space was so similar to what we were doing as far as colors and design, it just made it seem right!

So the search for old wood began…….

Let me just tell you how difficult this was, and the things I nearly resorted to in order for this look to happen!

I started my search for “barn wood” “barn board” and “old wood” on craigslist.  I am a lover of craigslist and figured I could come across something pretty quickly, plus we live in New England, old wood is EVERYWHERE!!  I came across barn wood that was selling for $5.00 a board foot.  Now, this doesn’t sound terrible until you do the math… We needed about 40 sq. feet, so depending on the width of the boards, we were going to need close to 80 board feet, 80x$5.00 is $400.00………….. this was basically out of the question.  So the search continued, and I just kept hitting walls (aka $$$$$$ that I wasn’t willing to spend).  I was to the point of searching for old fallen down buildings and barns while I was driving places.  I nearly stopped at one house to ask if they would let me buy their “out building” that had fallen down, fortunately it was raining that day.  I found another building close by our house, and I had decided that if I didn’t find anything within a week or 2, I was going there and asking them for their junk wood! Silly… but the things that you resort to when you’ve set your mind on something! (maybe that’s just me…)

Finally I came across a vintage warehouse sale.  Long story short, these lovely gentlemen sold me all the wood I needed and MORE for $60.00.  And it was perfect, beautifully weathered and distressed, with that wonderful “greyed” patina that I wanted.  The boards were about 14 inches wide so I used our table saw to rip them down to 4 inches wide.  I began the process of cutting angles and fitting pieces – now, if I was good at math, this would have been easy, but I’m not that great at math and didn’t feel like taking the extra time to figure it out.  So I made rough outline of the space I would need to cover and started cutting and fitting.  This actually wasn’t too difficult, it was just getting the right measurement from the beginning and figuring out the width of space you’re covering.  Once all the pieces were cut for each panel, I used our nail gun to attach.  I had also installed a couple of pieces behind the wood to give me something to nail the boards to.   I probably could have glued too, but I chose not too.

There are still some finishing touches needed, mostly just trim, but I am LOVING this wood look.  Not only does it tie into the farmhouse feel, but the colors and the rustic-ness are just wonderful!  I am so happy I came across that picture on Pinterest for inspiration.


Next time I’ll tell you a little about our builder grade cabinets turned “custom” cabinets.

Thanks as always for reading!



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