Our Master Bathroom Reveal {Part I}

I’m sorry I have been absent and did not post last weekend. I got myself SO caught up in projects and things around the house! I got so much done and felt super productive, but was sad that I neglected the blog! I was so determined that I would finish the bathroom, but unfortunately did not – there were just too many things that took time (paint drying, caulking drying, etc.) so I tried my best to be patient and fill my “spare time” with all the other things around the house that needed attention.

OK, so….it’s DONE!! Ok, almost done, I have a few finishing touches still needed (like building the door – minor…lol and some paint touchups) however, I couldn’t wait ANY longer to show off this AMAZING project! I can’t even begin to express my excitement about the transformation that took place in our master bathroom… there aren’t words.

Let me just show you what we were working with……

Pretty rough looking..

Pretty rough looking..


Look, the light fixture even matches the cabinet and mirror!

The epitome of an early 90’s bathroom.. awful.. when we first moved in, I really had no hope for this room. I had NO idea how we could possibly transform it on a budget. I mean, how do you overlook that BLUE shower????? Thankfully, before we bought the house, the prior owners were kind enough to replace the matching blue toilet and sink (OMG – what were people thinking in the 80’s and 90’s…??).

Here you have it! The only thing that I removed from this room was the medicine cabinet and the awful blue towel holders. Everything else is original. You may find yourself asking, “HOW did you do that, Sienna???” . Well, I will tell you, and I will break down my projects and show you how YOU too can have a beautiful bathroom with a small budget.

Some nights I just stand outside the door and stare at the beauty!

Some nights I just stand outside the door and stare at the beauty!

DSC_0190 DSC_0204 DSC_0202 DSC_0203 995388_10209142307618139_4182078569699359738_n 1012713_10209142307298131_8468837801566244674_nDSC_0195 DSC_0191


Cost breakdown:

Rustoleum Tub and Tile Epoxy:  found here  $24.25

1 sheet of 1/4in plywood: found at home depot similar to this one: $19.97

Paint: I already had on hand

Chalk paint: I already had the paint, and made my own chalk paint with ingredients I had

Wax: I made my own with ingredients I had on hand

Window and scrap wood (for cabinet): I already had lying around

Light fixture: repurposed the existing one

Mirror: I found mine at BigLots for $29.99 similar one here but it’s worth shopping around to find a good deal! Check Homegoods and TJmaxx.

Mason Jars: I already had on hand

Black metal pipe: Most of it I had one hand, but had to buy a few pieces: ~$20.00

Baskets: I found at Wal-mart (total score!!) canvas ones too and these super cute wire ones: I got the metal ones on sale for $7.97 each, the canvas 3 for $15.97 and the wire ones $7.97Total (for this project) $21.26

Clear calking for the shower: $6.24

White caulking: $2.28

I happened to have all the little trinkets and towels that matched perfectly with the color scheme. I plan on painting some canvas art to match eventually when I have time.. but this will do for now!

GRAND TOTAL: $123.99


Yes, that is all. I am shocked too. Especially considering the transformation it made.

I will go into detail in future posts about some of the specific projects within our bathroom, but for now, sit back, and enjoy the beauty of it!

If you have questions, I would be glad to answer. Believe me when I say, you can transform a bathroom on a budget and have an AMAZING outcome too 🙂

Happy Saturday!




  1. Your Mom says:

    This really an amazing post. Great job on the room… Great job on the vision and ability to follow through (even with a blue shower in which to contend). However, I must comment on that beautiful picture of you in your respirator, it was very much Lucy O’ball(est) of you.

    Great job!!

    The guy the wheeled your awesome husband out of the Pentagon gym. (That’s how I sign all my emails).

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